5.30.14. – Table for Two… and a Half?

First time out to dinner since the two of us became the three of us (not including thre dogs of course). Literally put on a Broadway production trying to figure out how you are supposed to attach a car seat to the HighChair. After fighting a losing battle I just get you shoved btwn the regular chair and table.

As soon as we get ourselves situated you simultaneously spit up and poop yourself. Dinner is off to a good start.

Fast forward 3 minutes which is as fast as it’s taken any human to ingest fried mozzerlla, linguini with meatballs and scallop rizzotto and you have a relatively quiet ans peacefull evening out.

I’m not really sure the proper infant etiquette yet for social situations. I feel bad but at one point I shushed the table next to us for singing happy birthday too loud.

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