5.14.14. – Home Alone


So maybe this was a mistake… Are first time dads supposed to be left home alone w their newborn w out supervision? Isn’t their some sort of trial period or mandated responsible adult who is supposed to over see this whole process?

I mean how is it possible to maintain the level of normalcy that I’m accustomed to in this house with this little dude pooping like he ate 15 chipotle burritos for lunch?

I feel like I brought home a puppy for the first time… How do you house train it? Am I supposed to give him a treat when he pees? I’ve been through 7 diapers since she left. And I thought they weren’t supposed to smell yet… What a crock of shit (pun intended). How is this possible? How have I been entrusted with this duty with out a coach or something?????

I mean I got more instructions to put together his stroller…

Is It to early to see if he’s good at Madden?

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