5.8.14. – The Beastie Boys Help with Sleep

Bouncer? Nope!
Jumper? Nope!
Swing? Nope
Couch? Nope
Walk? Car seat, boppy, bassinet, tummy, rock and play… N.O.P.E.

“We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack
“With dice in the front and Brooklyn’s in the back.
No sleep till –
No sleep till Brooklyn ! No sleep till Brooklyn !”

Maybe the Beastie Boys were new parents and they were leaving like a secret code for all other newborn parents? You know like…
If your kid won’t sleep, dont worry, we got you… Pack up your hooptie with a safe and a fat stack (don’t forget to pack some dice) and head off to Brooklyn. There has gotta be something in these lyrics. Bc literally I’m outta options! I really hope MCA was a board certified baby sleep consultant.

BROOKLYN be on the look out for a black 4- door Honda Accord w a Harry Potter themed sticker on it. I’m on my way w a hysterical baby… And you’re my last hope! No sleep till Brooklyn !

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