A Christmas Miracle

Christmas. It’s a time to appreciate what you have and reflect on the important things in life. It’s a time for giving and a time to enjoy the most important people in your life. That is unless your have kids. Then it’s about winning. It’s literally about winning Christmas (obviously winning is about being the best present giving “parent” since Santa is the best overall).

Setting aside all the magical gifts that Santa delivers down the chimney and under your barely standing, brown five week old Christmas tree, parents often both agree on an amount to spend on their children, or at least decide together what gifts will be bought for the kids. The thing is… if your anything like us it’s not just about the season of giving. It’s about the season of “who got the best gifts.” You want to try to take it easy… you know, just get little Susie an Easy Bake Oven, but it’s easy to want to go overboard and become the favorite parent. It’s amazing how fast that Easy Bake Oven turns into a live unicorn.

Although, the other side of this… Just understand you may wind up sleeping on the couch once your partner catches wind of your plan. Steph and I haven’t gotten to that point yet, as long as the kids are happy on Christmas morning… that magic of the holiday twinkling in their eyes… that’s the real gift.

Buying for the little one is easy. Oliver would go nuts over a toilet paper roll, or a box of tissue paper. Put a few random legos in a coffee can and you have created the greatest gift of all time. You can’t measure happiness in money or gift amounts, but you can however measure happiness in laughs and smiles. We all want to make Christmas morning as magical as possible, so it’s best to take advantage of how easy it is to please the little ones now.

We try to take it easy. We (Santa) buys lots of books and puzzles. This year we are going to have Jackson pick a few old toys to donate to someone in need, as he replaces those he donates with new ones Santa brings him. We aren’t naive to think that Christmas isn’t about presents, but I think this mom and dad also relish in the little things as well… a healthy and happy family. Two little boys who love each other and most importantly the fact that we got them to sit long enough with each other to get a decent Christmas card! It’s a Christmas miracle.

The Toy of Choice


Can someone explain to me why this child has thousands of dollars worth of toys?   
What was the point of everyone bringing these amazing gifts water tables and sandboxes and trains and wagons for his birthday. Does anyone really think he needs an original Radio Flyer? Or two kiddie laptops?
Every time somebody comes to visit their bringing this kid something new I’m surprised he doesn’t have a selfie stick yet. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the gifts for him and it’s not that he doesn’t like them for at least the first 15 seconds that they’re being opened… But realistically this kid is old school…

Doesn’t need any newfangled toys doesn’t need anything that lights up or uses batteries. There’s no reason for Fisher-Price or baby Einstein to even market anything for our son. He’s not high maintenance, you know?  

How do I know this… Because our house looks like a Toys-R-Us outlet store and all he wants to play with is a bunch of Tupperware.    


Awesome Dad Status in Jeopardy (Not According to Jax Though)

A day of highs and lows documented below:

Dad taking Jax for his flu shot… No big deal right???!!? Forgot a hat and it’s freezing out. No problem just make a bonnet out of a hoodie and tuck it in.


Get the pediatrician’s office and can’t remember if he’s had his 1st flu shot. Nurse does a computer check… Problem averted. Flu shot done, 15 seconds of crying and 10 minutes of flirting with the nurses (him not me), no allergic reaction and we’re out.

Quick text from mom to make sure I remembered the bottle so he can eat before I head to the chiropractor. The response of “I thought you said bottle after Chiro,” did nothing for my great dad status. No issues he held out and smashed a 6oz bottle when we got home.

Squeeze in a nap for baby, Buster, Max and dad and everyone is feeling as refreshed as a teacher after summer break.

Second quick text from mom to make sure I remembered to feed him his oatmeal when he woke up. The response of “I thought you said bottle after nap?,” did nothing for my ever dwindling great dad status. He smashed a second 6oz bottle and dad is now his new favorite person!

We then proceeded to play with EVERY.SINGLE toy he owns. I ran out of things to do. We cleaned, we organized, we sang (well I sang which made him cry… So much for my American Idol auditions).

When all was said and done… We both made it through the day unscathed. With my ego and dad status little worse for the wear, and Jax with a full belly.