A Thanksgiving Christmas

When are we going to great grandmas.

I’m bored.

I’m hungry.

I’m not eating turkey.

Or carrots.

Can I try a piece of turkey.

Yuck, that’s disgusting.

Can I try another piece of turkey.

Is it Christmas, yet?

It’s Christmas right, because yesterday (today) was Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is boring.

Imagine if a turkey brought you presents on thanksgiving?!!

Dad, how many more days until it’s Thanksgiving again? That was fun!

(For you kid, Thanksgiving is in another year… for me Thanksgiving happens again tonight. When I create the greatest left over sandwich ever).

Thankgiving Thanks


I’m a huge fan of any day where you can eat, drink and watch football all day without getting yelled at. Last year we did our first “out to dinner” Thanksgiving and although I was disappointed at first since we wouldn’t be home, it turned out to be a great day (and I was even able to watch the entire packers game).

This year however with Jackson, I felt we had to do Thanksgiving at the house. All of a sudden Stef and I find out we have 90 some cousins and relatives that are friends of relatives that are six generations removed… And everyone wanted to come meet Jax for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure when it happened, but I am no longer the most popular Fragola. Actually I do know when it happened… April 27, 2014 at 5:18 PM.

Regardless of popularity issues, as everyone began arriving at the house… I was happy that so many family members were getting to see Jax. The kid was passed around like a plate of mashed potatoes. But he was loving every second of it. Take that and the fact that Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jon literally brought Thanksgiving with them, gave me a whole day to relax and put my feet up…

… Until we attempted to deep fry the turkey… Which was too big to fit in the pot. The gigantic chicken we shoved in there came out perfect… What was left over would lead you to believe we kept vultures as pets.

So in the spirit of the holiday… I am unbelievably thankful for my family,
Both immediate and extended as well as my hilarious friends. But most of all for the family that makes our house a home… I am thankful for my amazing wife, my little bundle of Joy (and tears and pee and poop) and for the two little crazy dogs that I could t love without!