Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Dear Mom,

When you brought us into this world, I’m sure you weren’t prepared for what kind of damage and destruction we had in store for you. After all, being a good parent doesn’t come with instructions (or safety gear), but nothing kept you from loving and protecting us.

No one ever knows what life has in store for them and yet look at us. We made it! You were able to raise us and keep us safe (and let’s face it, dad is basically a toddler too, so essentially you’re raising three boys!!!) Even in a house of all guys, we all are growing up strong, happy, and caring.

Being a mom means being patient when your little boys want to run around and put stuff in the shopping cart when you just want to get the groceries and get out of Big Y. Being a mother means answering every dumb question we ask when you just want relax. Being a mother means watching “Trolls World Tour” over and over and over again even though your DVR is overloaded with Beverly Hills of Something shows. Being a mother means being able to take good care of your kids, (and dad, and Busty and Max), while still working 700 hours a week. Lastly, being a mother means being the never ending source of love and support for your kids.

You are the best mom anyone could ever ask for! Thank you for loving us and letting us grow up and learn how to be a good person from you. We love you very much!

Love Always,

Jackson and Oliver

And Buster and Max

Dear Mom: Happy Valentine’s Day

Dear Mom,

I wanted to write you a letter today, not just because its Valentine’s Day, but also because sometimes I’m so busy pooping, crying and eating that I don’t get to tell you how much I love you.  I’m not sure if you remember, but a long, long time ago I lived in your belly (PS: I’d advise against eating Taco Bell with the next baby!)  I liked it in there, but I really like it out here too.

Sometimes I feel bad because you work so hard and then have to come home and feed me and get me all ready for bed and you don’t even get to change, or shower, or eat dinner until 9:00.  I wanted to say thank you for that.  You always put yourself second when it comes to me.  You take care of me before you even think of taking care of yourself.  I am learning that it is important to consider other people’s feelings and put others first before yourself.

Being a mom must be really tiring.  Sometimes when I am laying in my crib I miss you so much that I try to get your attention by yelling and crying (I learned that from dad).  Even when you are tired, or sick you come and scoop me up and hug me and kiss me.  I love when you do that, because you give the best kisses and hugs.  When you do that I don’t know if you can hear what I’m trying to say to you… but I want to tell you I love you.  I wish you knew how much my heart swells up inside when I see you. I remember one time I was scared at night and you came in and just rubbed my back.  I felt safe and I never wanted you to leave.

I love when you help me crawl and teach me to walk.  I love when you help me eat and when you play with me.  I love when you make me laugh too; you’re really good at that!  But most of all I love that you are my mommy.  You take care of me and help me grow.  I wouldn’t any other person in the world to be my mom, because you are the perfect one for me!

I love you mommy.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

❤️ Jackson