Strega Nona

There is just something about wrapping a little boy in a towel. Pull up the little hood and they look adorable. I have a few of these shots as the boys have grown and I love everyone of them.

This time though, something hit me. Oliver is Strega Nona reincarnated. My son, my second born is literally a old Italian lady who loves pasta.


Oliver’s First Fourth Day of Daycare

Lately, Oliver has been floating all over the face of the earth. Just a Nomad living a nomad’s life.

Daycare to daycare.

Teacher to teacher.

Cot to cot.

… until today. Until the day he finally found a place to call home and a cot to call his own. (Don’t get me wrong where he was previously was amazing. They treated him like family. They communicated more than I could ever have imagined and he loved it there). But now… he’s home. He’s the little Italian boy… in the little Italian daycare.

Listen, this ain’t our first rodeo… we’ve been here before. We’ve done the first day of day care thing before. We have this down like clockwork. – Lay out his clothes, pack his lunch, lay out all his extra clothes, bottles, cups, bowls… all packed and ready for transport.

Forms were filled out. Emergency contact list had been updated. We were set… all we needed to do was get the little guy there, drop him off and head to work. All seemed to go according to plan until it was time to leave. The cries filled the room. Panic set in and guilt gripped our hearts. It’s what every parent who drops their child care off at daycare for the first time goes through… and it’s terrible.

The teachers tell you everything is ok and that he’ll be fine… hell I’ve said that to a thousand parents on the first day of school for years. It hurts just as bad each time. But it does get better and it did get better. Ollie turned out to be the star student.

His best subject: NAPPING!

St. Paddy’s Day 🍀

So were italian. Well really were American.  But you know what I mean.  But still today is one of those days where everyone wears green and eats cabbage and such.

Jax is no different. He wanted to wear green and set leprechaun traps and have some Irish soda bread for dinner. 

 He wore a bit of green:

Set some leprechaun traps (apparently  leprechauns are attracted to inflatable guitars??!?!!): 

And ate some cabbage (Replace cabbage with meatballs, which on a side note Jackson seems to like only homemade meatballs and gravy! #MeatballsOnStPaddysDay #RealItalian #Yummy #IsItTart #Disgusting):

“May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door, and happiness be with you nowand bless you evermore.”

Random 3AM Dad Thoughts

No crying baby… No barking dogs… No fireworks… And I’m wide awake.

Tonight’s brain wave activity is at an AllTime high.

Thoughts over the last 45 minutes:

-I’m in the mood to floss my teeth
-Why can’t I get this one booger out of my nose
-how old will I be when Jax has kids
-is it still snowing
-why did I have that last glass of red wine
-how do you get a verified twitter account
-I know that booger is in there somewhere, I can feel it move every time I breathe
-can dogs floss their teeth
-is Steve Martin still alive
-should I build a basketball court in the backyard
-the damn pine trees I planted in August are sagging again
-is it too early for coffee
-I need a tissue
-what’s for breakfast
-I need to pee again
-I want a blog follower from Italy
-I wonder if my college track & field “speed suit” uniform still fits
-I miss hurdling
-will Jax play baseball or run track
-Am I at the age where I should start wearing a robe more often
-does the aluminum foil hat Mel Gibson wears in signs really work
-where did that booger go
-Why am I awake………………….

PS: I did look good in that speed suit!


5.28.14. – I’m Slowly Becoming My Dad

One day you’re walking around in a nice pair of Express jeans, a button down and some Jordan’s and the next your outside doing yard work in dress pants, a white V-neck T-shirt and a pair of sandals.

I guess I’m becoming a good italian dad. That’s just what we do. It’s in our DNA. Big Pete (Grandpa Soprano) would be so proud. Only difference is he’d be wearing penny loafers instead of sandals.