Dairy Free No More?

Gigantic day in the realm of Jax today.   After 10 months of no dairy, we “reintroduced” this devil food to him again this AM.  

If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning, then you surely remember the nightmare that ensued the first month when mom had anything dairy related.  Sleepless nights, poop everywhere, crying and screaming… And that was just me.  Jax was a mess too!!

So this morning the little man had some yogurt.  Don’t get me wrong we didn’t pour a gallon of whole milk down his throat, but still we had our doubts.  

Fast forward 12 hours and we are still A-OK.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


6.2.14. – Twizzlers are Made From Soy?!??

So today we found out our little man is allergic to MILK & SOY. They say it’s common, but it’s still hard to deal with. You wish health and happiness for your child for the 9 months he’s cooking up in the womb and then he comes, you count 10 toes and 10 fingers and you hear that cry and you feel amazing. You never realize how many hurdles and milestones there are throughout the first few years. The love you feel for your child is so extreme that helplessness sets in… I hate feeling helpless.

I hate even more knowing that Jax will miss out on some of the world’a greatest joys. What an awful feeling to look at you son, so small and so innocent knowing that he’ll never be able to enjoy a bowl of frosted flakes or a slightly melted cup of rocky road ice cream.

PS: Mom is struggling with the fact that she can’t eat Twizzlers anymore… Who would have thought there was anything more than sugar and nastiness in those disgusting red sticks.