Happy Birthday to a FILL IN THE BLANK Mom

Dear Steph,

First off Happy Birthday… secondly, we wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much we love you! But we decided to do it a little differently this time! I wrote the letter and Jax and Ollie filled in the blanks MAD LIBS style! We hope you like it!!!

Dear Mom,

We love you because the way you love AMAZON PRIME. We know birthdays can most certainly be overly commercialized, the fact of the matter is if it gives me another opportunity to tell you “MY MOM IS THE BEST”, and we will gladly take it. You, like all PRINCESSES, you deserve to feel loved and EXCITED and SMELLY.

Immediately when we think about the way you love us I think about how you love FLOWERS and MAKEUP. Love is different for each person. We know you love each us differently because we are each different.

For Jackson, you love him because he has a tender BUTT and you can tell when he is happy and when he is GOING TO PUKE. For Ollie, you still display that “classic” Mommy love sometimes just by GETTING DRESSED UP NICE or hugging his STINKY TOES. and that makes a difference. These are the images that I think of when I think of your love for our boys.

Then there is dad. You make him feel FAT and FRIGHTENED, and loved, especially when you GO TO THE GYM AT LIKE 5AM– and in today’s society that is something to be cherished. And as you know we also talk about “HOW PRETTY YOU ARE” a lot in your relationship with dad and how much he loves you. Even more than he loves his BASEBALL CARDS.

It is the small choices and TOOTS that you use each day that make us feel loved. Hopefully with this letter will make you feel YOUNG since you are 41 today, but don’t worry you don’t look 41 at all… you actually look 7!!! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You make us HAPPY!


Dad, Jax, Ollie, Wednesday, Ivy and Pumpkin

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