​We’ve got a roller folks. This kid is fast approaching Olympic Decathalon standards. He’s kicking his fee,  he’s waving his arms, he’s grabbing and pulling stuff, and now he’s rolling around.  

I feel like this is the first big milestone.  Forget eating anybody could eat A spoonful of creamy oatmeal when you’re hungry and have no teeth.  Making noises and cooing is completely overrated… It’s migraine inducing and causes sleep deprivation. I could go without that especially at night. But when you start rolling around… Even the basic roll from your back to your tummy… That’s the big time. 

Once you roll over, even though every parent’s first reaction is to cheer (see above video), immediately panic settles In. You’ve graduated to the “you can no longer can be left alone” status… or the “you can no longer be trusted to just lay there like a bump on a log” status. You’re technically mobile now. 

It’s time to bubble wrap the house again and gate all the stairways.  Prayers gladly accepted. 

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