Car Seat Fail

A few years ago I wrote a blog when I couldn’t figure out how to close the stroller. I think Jax was about one… it was a stressful 20 minutes in the target parking lot that day… 

…fast forward three years. And, in the same parking lot, Oliver’s car seat was locked in a shopping cart and when I say locked in l, I mean stuck like superglued your fingers together stuck. I tried everything. I literally had to take Oliver out, turn the shopping cart over, put my foot on the bottom of the cart and then yank the car seat. It was the most embarrassing (and that’s saying something) moment I’ve had in a very long time.  

Luckily cooler heads prevailed and after taking a break, a few laps around the parking lot and a few deep breaths I was able to realize that the mechanism that locks the car seat into its base, had engaged and locked itself on the cart. After freeing the car seat, I drive away with my hand over my face hoping no one uploaded a video of me fighting a shopping cart to YouTube. 


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