An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Big day here and not just because that creepy giant bunny snuck in the house and hid a bunch of eggs. Nope,

No bunny stuff here… we’re talking Godparents Naming Day. Big stuff… nothing to joke around with. Picking godparents is like picking a life vest when you are on a cruise. You hope you don’t ever have to use it, but just in case you know you have to pick well.  

And that’s the case here… little Baby Ollie deliberated for days on end. He went back and forth and weighed the pros and cons of all his associates. At one point he even considered naming intern godparents in order to have more time to choose the real ones, but after much consideration he went with two great choices. 

Introducing The Godfather:  Uncle Dustin 


  • Full Name: Dusty Dinkleman
  • Allias: Uncle Jessie
  • Place of Birth: The Valley (Baside’s Rival)
  • Parenting Status: Soon to be dad
  • Claim to Fame: Confusing Poop and Puke

And… Godmother: Auntie Sandy 


  • Full Name: Sandy (Not the one from Grease)
  • Allias: Auntie Sandy
  • Place of Birth: A lady never tells
  • Parenting Status: Cat Mom (Cat’s usually dressed in holiday attire)
  • Claim to Fame: Also is Steph’s Godmother 

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