The Day After Tomorrow Today

Snow days are nothing new for Connecticut. I guess the biggest difference now is school seems to be canceled the night before more often than when I was a youngin’. We used to have to wake up early and watch the news to see if our town was close to scrolling up. 

The thing was… no matter what channel you flipped to though you were always a letter too late… always having to wait an extra 25 minutes to see if your school had off. Now a days we call our families VIA school messenger and usually make the cancelation the night before to give families enough time to arrange child care if needed.  

But I digress, today we were hit with a monster snow storm. It was the one we were waiting for all winter. And it didn’t disappoint. Of course Jackson was awake and ready to go at 6:00am. (Mind you on school/work days we have to pry him away from his pillow in the morning). It was like an insane asylum here this morning. 

Literally… All we needed was padded walls, Jackson apparently learned cursive because he inscribed the wall using the markers someone left out. Blueberries were thrown everywhere to the point where I’m still picking them out of every crevasse in the house. It got to the point where I was out of DVRed shows. Bubble Guppies, Peppa Pig… I’m all done. I’ve watched 7,000 episodes of Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig… literally… I’m all done. 

It was time to brace the storm… and what a storm it was. We set out for Manhattan to find Sam, but when their truck crashes into a vehicle north of Philadelphia, we are forced to continue our journey on snowshoes. En route, Frank falls through the glass roof of a snow-covered shopping mall. As we try to pull him up, the glass under us continues cracking; Frank sacrifices himself by cutting the rope. Most of the group is, by now, sheltered in the library. We burn books to stay warm and break into a vending machine for food. Sam admits his feelings for Laura (who has apparently caught a cold), and she reciprocates. At the US refugee camp in Mexico, Becker learns that President Blake died when his motorcade was enveloped by the superstorm, and he is now the president… (sorry obligatory The Day After Tomorrow reference). 

Being outside in the aforementioned Day After Tomorrow superstorm was an adventure to say the least. I spent more time putting clothes on Jackson then i actually did in the snow. It was that old get a kid in his snow gear and by the time he’s all dressed he needs to pee story… mind you the kid who needed to pee was me. (And yes I did tie plastic shopping bags to his feet… and yes they were still bone dry when he got back inside). 

The best part of the day was watching Jax use this old wooden handle, red plastic shovel that was mine 400 years ago. And let me tell you something… this kid was a machine. He was clearing snow like his name was Dennis Quaid. At least one of these kids is earning his keep around here…

Because this little dude is not picking up a shovel, he may just sleep through this storm (and I don’t blame him).

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