J.O.Y. = Joke’s On You

JOY… Christmas pictures w a 19month old… I wouldn’t say JOY is a good descriptor for this event…

Things come and go… Material possessions get used up and tossed to the side like a unwanted toy after a toddler is no longer interested.  …but memories… They last a life time.  The ones that are the strongest stay ingrained in your mind long after the memory has become just that… a memory.

Days like today are exactly the ones that imprint on your soul.  Today’s memory is one that should be playing on repeat in the deepest depths of hell!  Christmas card photos with a sick child who wanted absolutely nothing to do with a camera, or dress clothes, or a tie, or sneakers, or decorations… Really he wanted nothing to do with human interaction If we’re being honest.

Asking an almost two year old to sit nicely and smile is like asking Donald Trump to not make faces at other candidates during a debate. Trying to corral this menace to society yesterday as we switched backgrounds and outfits was like trying to hold smoke in your hand.

That’s where the expertise and patience of a real photographer comes in handy… STACI MILLER is amazing… She knew exactly what to say to calm the nerves, was able to sweet talk her way to get her shot and worked magic like always.  And that was just with me… She was great with Jax too!

Besides watching every episode of Peppa Pig and Small Potatoes to try to get a smile out of a tired cranky toddler, we broke half of Staci’s Christmas ornaments and using a pizza box as a prop… We also wound up avoiding needing a tetanus shot thanks to some quick thinking!

With a cloud of uncertainty surrounded the outcome of these pix, I am highly confident in Staci’s ability to work magic with photoshop as always!

JOY = Joke’s On You if you look at these pictures and think they were done with ease!



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