Little Chris Farley

Keep spinning around in circles dude… I promise it will feel awesome!

Am I bad dad? Am I only raising my child for my entertainment? Is there some sort of training I missed or secret information I didn’t read about? Or are there others who enjoy laughing at things that you know you shouldn’t laugh at when it comes to your kid?I think it all started when I was a young lad… many moons ago… back on Bethpage Drive… back when you played outside from when you woke up until the sun went down. You didn’t sit inside and play video games all day or have to wait for your mommy to make a play date for you to meet up with your friends.


Bethpage Dr Mafia~! (Snake hole is at about 2 o’clock)

Back then my little brother (who’s not so little anymore) and I would venture out into the woods and explore the wilderness. I enjoyed getting a good laugh out of the funny things I could get him to do.  

Case in point: the time I asked Vinchenzo to “sit down over here on the rock, I’ll be right back.” Sounds innocent enough (until you know I knew there was a snake hole right underneath the rock).

I feel that i sometimes (all the time) I’m looking for the next Chris Farley type fall… You know physical comedy. 

Not to say I’m looking to get my child injured or that I’m not protective of him… I just enjoy a comedic fall or flop once in a while. Is that so bad?

I bet if we sprayed some Pam on that slide it would be awesome!

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