Emma and Jax

 Sunny days on B-Run used to be filled with solo cups and whiffle balls.  It was all about single friends finding summer love (if only for a night).  I loved those nights.  I loved those weekends.  Reminiscing is good, it’s an effective way to put a smile on your face.

Then again, living in the past is not an effective way to enjoy the amazing things you have in your life now (unless you are a former hurdle champion… then its ok to occasionally include the past in your daily day dreams).

This past weekend lacked the solo cups and whiffle balls, it lacked tons of people and a bunch of people crashing on the basement couch/floor.  But it did include great friends and time to relax from the craziness of what is everyday life.

It’s nice to be able to spend some time relaxing with people you enjoy being around… grilling up some sausage patties and then falling asleep with a chocolate cannoli beer on your chest.

I’m more happy that Jax and Emma get along so well!



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