I’d like to think I’ve done some cool things in my life… I’ve been named teacher of the year, hurdled for a D1 college Track and Field team on an athletic scholarship, competed in some of the most famous stadiums in the US against Olympians, earned two masters degrees, rode a motorcycle, walked on Lambeau Field, driven a Ferarri… etc, etc, etc.  

 Yet, all of those things are just another page in my brag book compared to tucking my son in while he is asleep in his crib.  A simple action, one in which he had no idea I was even doing (not that he would probably care even if he did know… I mean he’s one… he’ll sleep on cement with a piece of newspaper over him if we let him), but that simple action brings such peace after a long day.  

I’m not sure when or how I turned into a dad?  It definitely doesn’t happen when your child is born… You spend those first few days pretty much in panic mode.  It’s more survival than it is being a dad.  I don’t think it’s even in the first month, because that is more fight or flight mode than it is being a dad.

Somewhere in there though, I’ve found myself doing more dad things.  Licking my finger to wipe his chin, making sure behind his eats are clean and now this “tucking him in” thing… all dad stuff. I’m not saying I haven’t snuck in his room when he’s sleeping to check on him before tonight.  This is more of a general statement about being a dad.  Just one of those moments that makes being a dad so enjoyable.  

Night, night buddy!  


Busy day at Cameron’s 2nd birthday party today… Jax pet a dolphin Steve!  (Multiplicity reference… very underated movie.  Great flick!!!).  For historical record keeping purposes, he actually pet a bearded dragon named Sinatra… not a dolphin. 


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