The Handyman Can

The look of horror when dad takes our a hammer

Someone who teaches themselves how to play the piano is called a savant, someone who’s IQ is over 140 is called a genius, a pitcher who can paint the corners of home plate for strikes is called a Rembrandt… me working with tools… that my friends is called a disaster! Yet, for some reason we continue to buy “things” for this house where assembly is required.

Today’s Project: assembling a shelving unit for the man cave (which is also now somehow turning into a mini playroom). 

Parts included in the package: 48 – Parts I used to assemble: 36.  Parts I lost: 8.  Spare parts that didn’t belong to this particular project that were found: 2. 

Tools needed: 1 Phillips head screwdriver, 1 small hammer.  Tools I used: 2 Phillips head screw drivers, 1 flat head screw driver, small hammer, box cutter, needle nose pliers, 1 container of gorilla glue. 

Estimated time of assembly: 45 minutes – Time it took me to assemble on the first try 30 minutes – Time it took me to disassemble and then reassemble after realizing I forgot to use the wooden dowels the first time: 65 minutes. 

Over an hour later, with many new words muffled under my breath so Jax wouldn’t hear them and a missed family dinner we finally have our shelf (just don’t put anything on it, it’s really just for looks).   

It may look nice, but its held together with smoke and mirrors

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