Mullets, Rat Tails and Skinny Ties (1st Haircut)

First this… first that… I mean realistically when your ten months old everything g you do is pretty much a first.  Lately, I see Jax do something and say to myself when did he start doing that?  But the first haircut, that’s something you remember.  (Not just because it’s a first and it’s cute and you can save some hair clippings… But also because it’s so funny to watch him try to figure out what the hell is going on!)

I’ve said this before, but Jax looked like he was the 5th member of the Beatles before his haircut… Kid was an absolute mop head!  we knew we had to get a haircut… (Or as my bald grandfather calls his haircuts: “a finders fee.)  I was a little disappointed to learn his first haircut was at a fancy salon… It’s just so unmanly. But I digress.

So far this is going well… He sits on mommy’s lap like a champ… Enjoys the water spritsing his hair… Chews on a couple hair clips… First snips of hair fall to the ground and everything is great, right?

Wrong… Let it be known here first… Jackson does not want his mullet cut off… Not the mullet… Not now… Not never!  We tried it all, stand up… Look out the window… Sing a song… Nothing would stop him from mourning the loss of his hairy rat tail.

It was time to send in the troops!  Small Potatoes to the rescue.  This was not our proudest moment as parents, but it got the job done.

Get this kid a tailored suit jacket and a skinny tie, because he’s now clean cut, single and ready to mingle.



First haircut= success.

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