Week Long Recap

I basically lived at work this week. The time I wasn’t at work, I was working from home. I’m not exactly sure what happened in the last week but this kid is like a grown up now.

Ohh you’re done crawling? You’re just going to couch surf? Kid is mobile and on a mission.IMG_2535

Monday’s visit with Uncle Adam and Grandpa Pete.


Friends don’t let friends drink and drive. IMG_2570

Baby fall down! IMG_2579

Someone needs to get propane delivered so we can light a fire… It’s so cold he stole my hat.

He now feeds the dogs from his high chair!

Kid finally realized that when his toys roll away they don’t dissapear.  “Holy Crap! I think its under this table!”

I believe this is his first fort.  Chasing the ball around under his bouncer!

Finally, celebrating mommy’s birthday at music class in my new Sperrys!



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