The Cleaning Lady Did It

First I need to clarify two quick things.
1. Yes we have a cleaning lady. Between the hours we both work and the other responsibilities around here I thought we could use some help around the house every other week.
2. This blog has become sort of a confessional of sorts.

So day two of daddy duty this week turned out to be another adventure of “crazy things that can only happen to us.”  Yes, I forgot to pack the banana, pineapple, strawberry mixture with his oatmeal… but that was an easy solution… wait to get home to feed the little man.

Bigger problem… get the bottle all ready for the next time Jax is ready to eat… done, warmed up and left right on the counter for easy access right after nap time.  NAP TIME OVER… “WHERE THE HELL IS THE BOTTLE??!?!”  “Ummm… Fabreasha… did you see a bottle on the counter?”

“Yes, the bottle?  Yes, I washed it.”

… and that was that… the cleaning lady cleaned it.  She literally did her job… we asked her to clean things and she cleaned it.  6oz of deliciousness for Jax and it now was making its way through the pipes downtown somewhere.

I’m not sure if anyone knows this but microwave does not respond favorable (actually it doesn’t respond at all) to a human screaming, “HURRY UP AND DEFROST!!!”

The only good news to come out of this… I didn’t do it…

The cleaning lady did it.

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