Plane Ride… For ever…

815 I’m in the bathroom and I get a text from Stef… “The called us and I can’t wait anymore. I’m getting on the plane…. I left the stroller and your ticket at the gate.” Great, first plane ride and I’ve lost my family before we even board.

830 I finally board the plane w an empty stroller in which people ask where the baby is… I tell them we checked him with the luggage. Realizing we forgot to change him in the terminal and start strip, wipe and reclothe him. The people walking bye the empty seat next to us pass bye like we are leapers.

845 we take off and things are running smoothly. He’s eating (I’m smashed between the wife and a guy who’s biceps are bigger than my thighs… But Jax is quiet and we’re now in the air.

Fast forward 45 minutes and we’ve gone through every toy. Half a bag of snacks. Tried to get him to nap twice and changed his diaper again. Thank god this guy next to us is cool and says he has three kids of his own and knows what it’s like. Because this is getting hairy.

…And the screaming has begun and I think someone just threw a bag of peanuts at us!

Ok we made it… We’re here. It’s time to get the F off this plane and relax in the FL sun.



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