First Date

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Remember your first night at college when you and your roommate literally looked for anything to keep you awake and out of your dorm room past 2AM? I remember Jay Varmey and I wondering across campus at like 11:00 then getting back to the dorm and playing Madden until after midnight, and for me that was a good night. I was never a partier or stay out late kinda guy (Don’t get me wrong I had my fair share of interesting nights).

But let me tell you this… Having a kid changes everything. (I’m not complaing). Now, if I could be in bed by 8:00 and sleep more than 45 minutes without having to worry if Jax’ arm is wedged in between the supposedly baby proof, safety mesh screen and the crib slats, id consider that a successful night. So getting a night all to ourselves is special. It’s important… and most of all it’s short

But this is real life and sometimes real life isn’t fair. So if you’re told it’s date night, then it’s date night. Doesn’t matter if you spent the last three nights staring at the baby monitor. Plan something, and make reservations.

PS: I fell asleep at least 4 times while writing this blog entry.

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