Looking for the Good Project

So the other day we went to Hammonasset State Park/Beach and ran into this group who run a non profit called Look For the Good Project. (http://www.lookforthegoodproject.org). It was really interesting to see the different pieces if art and ideas of what people are grateful for in their lives.

Working with inner city kids your whole life changes your prospective on the difference between “want and need”. Seeing this project got me thinking about how grateful I truly am for my wife and son (and of course Buster and Max).

We were able to sit and talk with Anne, the founder of the project, and get her reasoning for starting and growing her non profit. She seems to just get it… Get what life is supposed to be. The interactions, the appreciation… Just the feeling of what makes us who we are.

Of course my answer to what am I grateful for is Jax and my amazing wife and puppies. But to be honest it goes deeper than that. I’ve worked with so many amazing and unique children in my career. I’ve seen some who have it easier than others and some who have had it tougher than it should be for anyone, let alone a child. I’m so grateful that Jax is here, healthy and happy. I’m so grateful that he came to is when he did. At a time when Steph and I were completely ready to turn our lives over to someone other than each other or ourselves.

He really is something to be grateful for.

If you haven’t checked out Anne’s project and book, I recommend you do.http://www.lookforthegoodproject.org

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