Three Months + 1 Week… or so…


Mom and I feel horrible, in the process of packing and driving up to the Cape we somehow managed to not taking your “official” Three Month Photo. Things get a little hectic trying to leave this house for work, let alone for seven days. So please accept our apology and know that we love you no matter how many months, weeks or days old you are!

Three Month Highlights: Cape Cod, hanging out with Ella, 1st beach trip, meeting Blakely, your 1st house party, big smiles and ridiculously cute laughs.

As I finish up listing these great memories I feel awful admitting that Mom and I are going to do some forgetting throughout your life. It’s pretty much already set in stone that we will forget a birthday at some point. We’re not bad parents just forgetful people… And admitting your weaknesses is the first step to recovery!

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