5.7.14 – Pediatrician’s Office

This place is a mad house. It’s like a middle school lunch wave. Children running wildly throughout the room, adults looking like they have no idea how to quiet them down and a jostling for seating position that would rival even the most popular kids’ table.

I notice though as soon as one kid starts acting up the other parents start tossing around dirty looks and whispering. Please, I just saw your Hanson looking kid with his hands in the fish tank. And you, Kirsten Dunst look a like, your yoga pants and extra make up is not going to attract you a doctor here. It’s 9AM, worry more that your 3 year old is licking the floor.

PS- Jax is up to 6lbs 13.5oz. Way to go kid. (Not that I’m surprised he gained weight, every time I turn around you’re hanging off mom!)

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