Dr. Dolittle

I sincerely apologize for the Blair Witch Project cinematography, but this video is Oscar worthy. Best picture, best actor, best impression of multiple animals.

Oliver is Saturday Night Live’s new GoatBoy. What do you want… a horse? A gopher? A Yeti? He’s got you… you need a duck call? How about someone to help round up a flock of sheep? Oliver is your guy.

Most people need a few cups of coffee in the morning to even be cognizant, but not Oliver. It’s 5:35am on a Saturday morning in this video and he’s coo-cooing every animal between Noah’s Arc and Old McDonald’s Farm. He’s a savant, an animal whisperer… our very own Dr. Dolittle.

Before and After

Back in the day when I was a youngin’ Fall used to be about 3 things: Football, Watching Sleepy Hallow in sweat pants and doing nothing. Now We have a kid and we are expected to do parenting stuff.

Parent stuff is different than non parent stuff. I didn’t want to look at leaves last fall and I definetely don’t want to look at them this fall.  Yes I love New England, yes leaves and colors are great to look at for like five seconds… Hiking, camping, leaf peeping… Definitely all family like activities.  Before I was lucky if I could down a cup of coffee and drag my butt to the gym.  Now… no more going to the gym to work on sculpting the perfect physique, definitely just leaf peepin’ now.


That’s not me. I’m not trying to sit still with a pair of binoculars and a .45 millimeter lens to take photos of nature.  I just want to lay down in my dark man cave in my pajamas.


Before Jax came along things were different… Not better just different. Weekends were for laziness. They consisted of anything but activities, anything but putting on jeans and having to take a shower.

Back in the day weekends consisted of being able to compose a novel on the toilet.  I read every article of Sports Illustrated (or at least the ones that didn’t have to do with hockey). Now I’m lucky if I get to finish what I started.


Weekends were for laziness, weekends were for cleaning out the DVR which was up to about 87% full… If I was able to mow the lawn that was a plus.  Now… Well… Now I do parent stuff. I go to fairs, I drive to grandma’s house and I go leaf peepin’. But then again, if that means I get to spend time with my little man… Get me some binoculars.