Drop it Like it’s Hot

The last few years have been a wild ride. There’s been crying and laughing. There’s been tears and there’s been blood, there’s been puking and then there’s been more blood.

Of course we can’t forget the fact that there has been poop (both human and canine) in every square inch of our house. We’ve got one child who is Semi-appropriately using the bathroom. Yeah ok, so he may pee outside even when there is an indoor toilet within reach, but at least he understands a relatively appropriate way to relieve himself.

That brings us to this little dude. The lower sibling on the totem pole. He’s working hard to keep up with his brother. Don’t forget however, he’s only two years old. We’ve been intermittently trying potty training thing, but this kid is ready. He’s constantly yelling at us, “mom, dad… peeeeeeee- potty!!” We just haven’t gotten it all together.

That was until today…

No big deal… but this little dude, our littlest.. yea he just peed on the potty!

… Pooping however… is still a work in progress!!

Olympic Training

First day with no accidents… this kid is hitting the potty training like he’s a Gold Medal Olympian. 

Unreal, to think we’re almost out of diapers with one and then still have another three years of diapers to go with the other! 

Potty Time

Second rate Potty Sticky Chart:

And big boy UnderRoos: 

Can only mean one thing:


***5:00pm UPDATE

We’ve peed in four pairs of underroos… but also filled 2+ Potty Sticker Charts!!!!