Mini Monet V

Finally the genius, the minuture artistic savant of abstract painting has taken some time out of his busy schedule to paint himself something for once.  

No fanfare… no time lapse video… just the finished creation blending artistic vision and artistic ability with the fact that his parents think that everything he does is amazing and you have a genuine masterpiece: 

Mini Monet Part III

So another master piece created by the one and only JCF.  He is a sevant.  This kid is going to make millions selling his artwork, I know it… or he is going to stay in school and get a well paying job when he graduates.  Either way… It’s a win-win.

I have to say… And this isn’t just a typical parent response, but I like this kid’s artistic style.  It’s abstract… It’s colorful and whimsical… and it makes you happy. But that brings us to the million dollar question…

“When is your child’s artwork expendable?!!!???”

There is a very systematic approach to figuring out exactly how to approach this situation:

     WHAT IS IT?                          WHAT TO DO?

    Unidentifiable?                       Throw it away

Title Matches Pic                    Keep a week

I can tell what it is                   Keep a month

It says “I love Dad”                  Keep forever

Little man painted a beautiful work of art for Mima’s birthday… 


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