Weekend Thoughts

Sometimes when things seem so increasingly impossible to handle, all it takes is one smile to change the course of a day.   

Pancakes and a smile= breakfast of champions. 

 Big boy wearing his big boy shades… first day in his front facing car seat.  

  An artist’s work is always better when it is gifted to someone special!!! Jax ❤️’s you Mima

Mother’s Day Part II


Mom is one of words that you take for granted.  You say it so many times during your life that you can seemingly forget what it actually means. In my house it meant many things growing up.  In my house it means many things now. 

Growing up mom meant chef, chauffeur, bank and laundromat.  Still now mom means so much more though.  When there weren’t many people who would root for me my mom was my biggest fan. When I wasn’t sure which way to go my mom was my moral compass. When I wanted to take the easy way out my mom pushed me to be better than a quiter.  

She was and still continues to be the quintessential mom.  Which brings us to the new mom in my life… My wife. Who, although different, is just as amazing of a mom.  

People say stay at home moms have as tough a tough job too… and I don’t disagree… But try working 60 hours a week and being a mom… Not so easy!  

Jackson is pretty lucky.  Anyone who loves shoes and purses as much as Stephanie and would rather a gift for him than a pair of Tory Burch sandals for herself is one selfless mother.  

I remember years ago, before my grandma passed away… Before Steph and I even got engaged… Nan sat me down and asked my “intentions.”  She asked if I thought Steph was the “one”.  When I asked her why she wanted to know… She told me that she had a feeling Stephanie was going to be a great mother one day.  I asked her how she knew… She replied, “I just know.”

Ten years after nan passed away she still continues to be right! Thank you mom for raising me to be a successful (and amazingly talented and good looking) young man.  And thank you to Stephanie for doing the same for Jackson!



(FYI: Steph still got the Tory Burch sandals!) 


6.1.14 – To Grandmother’s House We Go


First trip to Mima and Grandpa Pete’s house this afternoon.
Things we learned:
-Baby massages cost $75
-Babies can’t scratch their own butts
-Apparently I breed spiders in the basement
-Daddy has passed on his ability to fart excessively to Jax
-You can get gang green on your junk
-Puppy eye boogies are delectable

As an aside… There is never a good time to hear your own mother (Mima) talk about penis and hickeys.

5.11.14. – Mother’s Day


Happy mother’s day to the woman who put up w my crap for the beginning years of my life and now to the one who has to put up w the remaining years.

Jackson this has been a great day for me as a new dad. Watching you and mom on her 1st mom’s day has been an amazing thing. I loved watching you suck down that bottle as mom sucked down an Angry Orchard. I’m not sure who enjoyed their beverage more. But one thing is for sure… This is a mother’s day for the ages!

5.7.14. – Dinner Convos

dinner momo


Dinner w. Pop, Tina, Tricia and Grandma. Overhead conversations that Grandma had w you…
-“I hope your dad prints these posts off on paper for you, because when you grow up you might not have the internets.”
-“You make good farts, keep it up”
-“I dropped your dad a few times when he was first born, but don’t worry I won’t drop you.”

Great point grandma, this internets thing is such a fad, I doubt there’s any future for it in today’s society.… By the way glad to know you won’t be fumbling my child, but can we rewind for a minute and talk about the fact that I was dropped, not once but a few times?!???