Parents on Tuesday

What do you do when you get home from work at 8:00 and your son is already in bed? Well, besides sneaking into his room to give him a quick kiss and to tell him you love him… Apparently you create photo gifts no one wants!


And when all else fails you go to bed… FaceTime quote of the night: “Crap you guys are parents… In bed at 8:30?!!!  SMH!” -Vic


The Godmother


Big day yesterday for the little guy. Wrote a note to auntie Tricia and face-timed her to ask her to be his godmother. Couldn’t ask for a better set of godparents (Auntie Trich and Uncle Vinny). You two mean so much to us, you’re an amazing brother and sister and you’ll be great godparents. Thanks guys, we love you!

Gotta love the godparent tradition; “Hey we love you and you mean so much to us we want you to be part of our child’s life forever… And ohh yea, by the way, if we croak early could you take the kid in and rase him by any chance? Awesome, thanks!”

5.13.14 – FaceTime Fail


First face time w the little nugget and the kid is passed out. Explain to me how you can sleep through the dogs going all Cujo on the mailman, mom’s FaceTime ringing and however many hundreds of soliciting phone calls that come through all day… Yet you wake up if I blink at at 1:30 AM?