“I’m Not a Baby Any More, Dad”

I guess he’s all grown up now that he turned one… no more baby stuff for this big guy anymore. There’s no need for bottles, or naps, or any of that other stuff that babies do. Nope, not Oliver, he’s one now.

Apparently turning one is where Oliver decides he no longer needs us. Last week we couldn’t get this kid to give either of us a second to breath. We couldn’t go more than three inches without him crying for someone to pick him up, especially his mom.

But now, he’s not a momma’s boy… he’s a big boy and what do big boys do? They play on their own. They take out their own toys, they figure out what to do themselves if something goes wrong and more importantly they don’t cry when mom or dad isn’t around… at least for now that is.

Happy First Birthday Oliver


Dear Oliver,

First off, let me be the first to wish you a very happy first birthday. Birthdays are a pretty big deal when you’re a little dude… so enjoy thi

s one because the first of anything is a HUGE DEAL.

I wanted to get you something that you would love for your very first birthday gift, but honestly you are going to get spoiled rotten in a few days by family and friends (so I’m going to take the cheap way out and write you a letter for my gift to you on your 1st birthday.

I guess I wanted to first off say that I am sorry I’m not best dad, especially the second time around. I’m sorry I don’t have as much time as I had the first time with Jax. I’m sorry that every little thing you do isn’t as closely documented as I wish it could be. In no way at any time or under ANY circumstances does that mean that you’re not as much as any other member of this family.

It’s inevitable that being the “second to have a first” can be quite redundant.  But in reality its not that you are the second to have these firsts… its that your firsts sometimes are overshadowed by just how fast you’re growing up and how big you’ve gotten. One second your a lump on a log and the next second your pulling yourself up on the coffee table. I’m waiting to turn around to see you doing pull-ups on the door frame. It’s amazing how much you’ve developed in only a year.

The second baby is supposed to be easier then the first. We’ve already experienced so many things with the first child, sickness, diaper explosions, teething… etc, etc. You’d think that these experiences would be less exciting the second time around, but they totally do not lose any of that “amazingness” even the second time around. It is truly a blessing watching you stand up on your own, although its just as scary when seeing you when you can’t balance and you fall face first onto the hardwood floor.

I think the thing that gets lost in this blog is the little things… I try to document as much as I can… but the one thing that no one can truly depict (not even the best writer) is the love between you and your brother.  The way he lights up when he sees you is truly heartwarming. You have not only brought so much joy into mine and your mother’s lives, but into Jackson’s as well.  I know what its like to be a big brother… I know Jackson feels protective of you… but I also know how great it is to have someone around to make you laugh and to play with. You are so much more than just our child, you are a brother and best friend.

If the past is any indication of how the next year of your life will go… I predict you will do great things… big things… but more importantly you will be loved by so many people as well.

Happy Birthday little man…





JANUARY 31, 2017:

JANUARY 31, 2018:

15 Minutes of Fame

What a few weeks. Your neighborhood Dad Blogger became the newest viral sensation. I was a Kardashian (minus 40 billion dollars). I was Barstool Sports when they hit it big. I was everywhere you turned… no, but really.. it was fun while it lasted:

independant record

The number of online articles, magazines, newspapers and news outlets that picked up the story was amazing.  Some wanted interviews and others just a few quotes about the project, but it was a lot of fun feeling famous for a few minutes! (and let’s face it nothing beats being the #1 best blog on “Stairs”).

Besides having a bunch of great articles written about the project, there were just as many amazing comments on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest:

Going viral isn’t always a good thing… just look at whats happening with… well anyone who does something stupid on Facebook Live or Twitter… but in this case… going viral was pretty cool… it definitely provided me with a way to connect with people all over the world that I would otherwise not have been able to.  New Harry Potter fans and a lot of new readers on the blog are a direct result of this project… which is pretty cool!

Some of the Facebook posts had literally hundreds of thousands of interactions:


The “Love What Matters” post and article has had over 10,000 unique interactions



My original post on my Facebook account (where all the hoopla started) has had over 3,000 likes and shares.


After the Parents Magazine article, they posted the video review of the project which has had over 120,000 views.


People from everywhere were commenting on the project.  The world was my oyster for about two weeks…

The shaded areas show where Chronicles of a New Dad was viewed in the few days after the Cupboard Under the Stairs blog was published. (Darker the color the more views there were
Here are links to some of the better articles and interviews that were written:
  1. https://www.fatherly.com/play/father-builds-replica-cupboard-under-stairs-harry-potter/
  2. https://www.popsugar.com/moms/Dad-Re-creates-Harry-Potter-Cupboard-Under-Stairs-44489977
  3. https://www.parents.com/toddlers-preschoolers/everything-kids/dad-recreated-the-cupboard-under-the-stairs-from-harry-potter/
  4. http://www.scarymommy.com/harry-potter-cupboard-under-stairs-reading-nook/
  5. https://www.babble.com/parenting/peter-fragola-harry-potter-cupboard-under-the-stairs/
  6. https://www.purewow.com/news/dad-recreates-harry-potter-cupboard-under-the-stairs
  7. http://www.yuryz.com/youve-got-to-see-this-dads-harry-potter-inspired-cupboard-under-the-stairs/
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When you successfully transfer your toddler from the couch to his bed without waking him up:


Update: Said toddler woke up three hours later and didn’t go back to sleep!

Live Interview with Charlie King

Hello everyone… this Thursday, (Thursday, Jan 25 at 5:00 pm EST), I’m putting myself out there a little bit… well actually putting myself out there a lot… and I need your support. I’m going to be doing a live interview w. Charlie King from HeroicFatherhood this Thursday at 5:00pm. Click on the link below to subscribe and set a reminder. It will be broadcast on Facebook live… I’m pretty excited and hope everyone can tune in!

Making (tiny) Moves

This kid is making moves. He is fast… really, really fast. Listen I know fast… I ran track. I was a sprinter. And on top of that… I move a million miles a minutes everyday, there’s no slow motion for me ever. This kid though… he’s Usain Bolt.

He’s huge… he’s fast… he’s smart… hes relentless… he’s the next Bo Jackson… he’s going to be a multi-sport star… He’s going to be dominating kids twice his age, I’m surprised he isn’t already a three way star on the high school varsity teams here in town.

Be prepared ESPN the next sports prodigy is coming for you.