Happy 7th Birthday Jackson

Dear Jackson,

I’m not sure what is coming faster, your birthdays, or my gray hairs! Luckily, the grays are few and far between these days… but there is no denying how fast you are growing up. Seven years older than the day you were born, the first time I held you… the first time I gave you a kiss! It’s practically incomprehensible to me how you are seven years old today.

The days of picking out your clothes and cutting up your dinner are slowly fading away… you may not ask me to read to you at night as much as before now that you are entrenched in reading your own chapter books. But you, always say you love me before we leave for school in the morning and your hugs are still just as tight as always. Those things will never fade.

As I watch you grow into a curious learner who asks insightful questions, wants to find out why and how things work, I know you are destined for great and miraculous things. Although those things now might be seeing how many different fart noises you can make and how much milk you can snort up your nose before you puke… you always give it your all. Grit and perseverance will serve you well as you grow.

Although you are funny and make anyone laugh, it is your empathy I am most proud of. Hearing that you always lend a helping hand to others, are the first to introduce yourself and ask the “new kid” to play and also that you you know when and why to intervene when someone is sad and if you don’t you ask how you can help is what I am continually in awe of. You have all the tools to make a massive and positive difference in this world. You’ve already done that for your mom, me and Oliver. And for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Happy seventh birthday big guy! We love you very much!

Love Always,


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“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” -Albus Dumbledore

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