Easter vs Dinosaurs

Nothing says Easter like a Mr. Rodgers sweater

Nothing says Easter like a Mr. Rodgers sweater

Easter… Another holiday… Another event… Another opportunity to spend with family.  A time for rejoice and reflection, however gets lost in the mounds of chocolate and colorful eggs and other various items that have absolutely nothing to do with religion, and this got me thinking… What is my son’s relationship with god going to be?

I grew up in a typical catholic household… Not total bible thumpers, but church going, CCD attending, alter boy, Italian catholic family.  Stephanie went to catholic school her entire life from “grammar school” (do people actually call it grammar school), through high school.

So where does that leave our little one?  I’ve said a lot of things on this blog that might be a little controversial, some that I’m sure others agree with and some that others probably think I’m crazy for.  I’m sure this statement is going to be one of those… I hate that I want to go to church just a little less that I want to do a lot of other things.

I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not.  But I also don’t want to just do the things that are easy. Sacrificing region for a nice calm Sunday morning is easy, but is it right?  I want Jax to know that our religion is important to us, but I’m not sure how to do that when we seem to be on the holiday church schedule… (You know attend Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday, etc).

I’ve had quite a bit of trouble writing this… Obviously Easter was a week a go, and I’m still writing and rewriting.  Mostly because I don’t know how this will be perceived.  What are my parents going to say?  What will Jax think years from now when he rests this?

Is it bad to admit that going to church is not a high priority for me?  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad I was raised Catholic and that I have the knowledge that I do regarding my religion and the bible, knowing I have an outlet when I need to talk to someone, or say a prayer too and that someone is listening… Somehow and someway makes me feel better.  There have definitely been times where the best person to talk to, was someone I couldn’t even see.

This isn’t some innovative blog post; I’m sure it has been written about before.  I just don’t know if anyone has taken the middle road before.  It seems to be either you are writing about how God raised his arms and created the Heavens and Earth or you are writing about how the dinosaurs don’t believe in God.  There has to be a happy medium right?  In 2015 you shouldn’t have to choose to just toe the line; you should be able to hop back and forth and believe in certain things that you can’t see or hear, but also be able to do it at your own pace.

Does that make sense?  I’m not sure if it did, but it will soon because we’re living it now.


This blog entry has been featured on Honustmum.com as a Brilliant Blog Post.

This blog entry has been featured on Honustmum.com as a Brilliant Blog Post.

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