Real Conversations


Tongue out while he works. #BeLikeMike #IfICouldBeLikeMike #Jordan #Tongue #JaxDoinJax #LikeGrandpa

Real conversation that ensued after this picture is texted out to the family:

Trich: “Where are his clothes!??”

Vin: “It’s after 5pm. He doesn’t need any.”

…Later on that night…

It’s 1:15am. And I’m up to feed and change Jax.  This kid eats and poops more than anyone I’ve ever met.

(except his father)

Turn around for one second to grab the wipes and you have your pee diaper in your mouth!

Time to hide the Lego pieces, dog toys and spare change… Everything is about to go down this kid’s gullet.

PS: I’ve always wanted to use the word gullet in a sentence. Is it actually a body part or is it like one of those cool sounding words that everyone uses and you just assume it’s real?


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