Heavyweight Title Fight

We now have trees downright declaring war on society… mother nature has had enough of the pollution and littering so she is fighting back.  This tree isn’t going to stand idly by while deforestation continues on 24-7 like its no big deal.  As soon as I saw this video I started rubbing my eyes and my throat was as itchy as can be.

Two days after the trees began fighting back I lost my voice, my mother in-law is basically on bed rest and my son looks like he went eight rounds with Ivan Drago.

CaptureIMG_9059 (1)
I know that cancer and heart attacks are the number one and two killers in the world (and trust me I would know as my family has been ravaged by both for years), but pollen has to be running a close third.  I haven’t had bad allergies in ages, but all of a sudden I sound like Louis Armstrong and my eyes feel Mr. Fuji just threw a handful of salt in them.  I’ve sniffed enough saline nasal spray to send my sodium levels through the roof and seem to be immune to Claritin.

So yea.. I’d say mother nature is pissed… and she’s taking things into her own hands this time.

Son of Poseidon 🌊


Photo Shoot #6738

Location: Crowded beach
Subject: Cranky 15 month old

Distrations: WT Wedding featuring women in wedding dress and cowboy boots, groom in plaid cargo shorts, NOFEAR t-shirt drinking BudLights.

So clearly the best parentinfg idea of the year is to bring a child who clearly hates the beach back to the beach for a photograph session.  We’ve done some less than intelligent things before as parents and we definetlely don’t stack up with the best “plan ahead” parents out there, but this might be the the one decision that sets us apart.

i just don’t know why he doesn’t like the water at the beach.  Loves the pool, loves the bath, hates everything else.  Maybe it’s the sand?  Maybe it’s the waves?  Maybe it’s just the 30 tons of litter that wash up on every damn beach now-a-days. I guess I’m not a huge fan of swimming with empty beer bottles, spare tires and someone’s steroid needle. (Luckily Hammonasset is a pretty clean beach).

Thank the lord for Pink Elephany Photography!  Staci is the most patient human in the world, and im not talking about being patient with a 15 month old… I’m taking about being patient with a 36 year old idiot father!

Jax was awesome! He loved the shells, and actual sat still and smiled for all his pictures… until this guy decided to pick Jax up by one leg and dangle him upside down for that all important “clowning around” shot. Well apparently children don’t like being dangled upside down over the open sea. Who woulda thought? Sorry dude.

So we luckily took some decent pictures before all the blood rushes to his head… Or before the wedding a few feet down from us shot off fireworks to celebrate their matrimony. Overall I think they came out pretty good. PINK ELEPHANT PHOTOGRAPHY always does a great job. Let me know if you want their contact info.

Here’s a few of the pictures. I’ll post the rest when we get them!!!