Happy Valentine’s Day

In what seems like 100 years ago I met a young lady with the whole world in front of her. She asked for some help carrying things up to her dorm room and of course the gentleman that I was… Could not leave a damsel in distress. In all reality I volunteered to carry some water bottles up to her room… but so started what would become two children, two dogs, a house, some laughs, some tears and a whole lot of love.

There’s been work. There’s been more work. There’s been interviews that have led to more work. Work that’s lead to more work. And then after that there’s been work because the work we do needed more work to be done. And all that work sometimes leads to frustration, short tempers, and the need for a quiet peaceful night. And then you get home to these two amazing, loving, kind, beautiful children and everything is right in the world again.

There are times that are tougher than others, there are times where you can imagine where the last 18 years have gone. I remember continually limping into the orthopedic on crutches and depressed that my track and field career could be over… I remember her accompanying me time after time comforting me helping me through one of the worst times of my life at that point. I knew then she was the one… She was less confident for a while as she wouldn’t agree to be “my girlfriend.” That was until the cast came off and I thought things couldn’t get any better.

I remember sitting on the rooftop of the hotel in Wildwood. I remember being on the phone with my buddies, I remember the butterflies I remember the nerves I remember walking downstairs and being told by Jay and Brea that I better shave and put on something nice I remember sitting on the rooftop of the hotel in Wildwood. I remember being on the phone with my buddies, I remember the butterflies, I remember the nerves, I remember walking downstairs and being told by Jay and Brea that I better shave and put on something nice.

I shaved, I put on a purple Abercrombie polo, and I wore sandals. I was such a dork. I walked on stage, got up in front of thousands of people and asked the most amazing woman I’ve ever met to marry me. I’m still not sure if she actually said yes… but all these years later we’ve made it through a whole lot of stuff… good and bad… a couple of houses, multiple roommates, doggie hospitals, knocked out teeth, multiple wetlands violations, wiggle ball tournaments that led to broken vertebrae, parties that led to getting “iced,” winter power outages that led to sleeping like revolutionary war soldiers in front of a fire, baseball games, Football games, Backstreet Boys’ concerts (not my idea), glasses, contacts, Lasic surgery, great friends, great neighbors, great family members, a marriage that is stronger than ever… and most importantly… two of the most amazing children any parents could ask for.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller

I’m glad we’ve taken the time to stop and look around a bit. You’re a better mother than I ever thought possible, you deal with my annoying personality daily and you’re not so bad to look at.

I love you more now than the day we met. Thanks for letting me carry your water bottles up to your room.

Love Always,


…and Jackson

……and Oliver

………and Buster

…………and Max

Please Help a Childhood Friend

Hi all, as a dad I want to be able to protect my son from evil. I can’t imagine what I would do if he ever was going through pain and suffering. Below is a charity event for a childhood friend. PLEASE HELP! Every little bit counts!

We are starting this fundraiser to help Peter Lividini with his medical and living expenses while he waits for a heart transplant. Because of his current state of health, Peter is no longer able to work, and will lose the benefit of his salary in this interim. Pete’s focus needs to be on rest, and rebuilding his health to prepare for surgery. For any of us, a heart transplant would be an unbelievable ordeal. For Peter however, the extreme heart failure that has brought him to this point is caused by an underlying condition called Desminopathy. It is a type of Muscular Dystrophy that weakens the muscles of the body, as well as the heart. You can find more info at https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/pwh7/peter-s-heart-transplant-fundraiser?utm_source=facebook

On a Serious Note: A Dad’s Mortality

I am a former Division I College Athlete. I attended college on a track and field scholarship. I still run, I work out at least three times a week. I haven’t had fast food in 30 years. I don’t eat sweets, I don’t drink soda and I drink more than eight glasses of water a day.

Yet as I sit here writing this I’m struggling with the fact that a recent physical labeled me as being at risk for heart issues due to family history and my triglyceride levels. How the hell is this possible? There’s got to be mix up right? You’d be hard pressed to find many people who live a healthier lifestyle than me. Yes, I do enjoy a good IPA when I’m in the mood, and don’t skip out on a few slices of pizza if we order it, but how did this happen and what does it mean moving forward?

This blog has been amazing in two ways, one it let’s me record Jackson’s journey growing up and two it’s allowed me to come to terms with some of my own issues…both funny and more serious ones. I have yet to discuss my fear of death. Although that is a whole separate issue it still plays a role in today’s writing…

Dealing with my own mortality. I have lost family members and friends way too early in life. My grandfather passed away when I was nine, my godfather, my aunt, my grandmother… A former teammate. How do I deal with the fact that my health, something I prided myself in maintaining could become an issue for me.

I’m sure there are medications I can take and certain foods I can avoid if I’m not already… But that’s not the issue for me. The mental part is what I have always wrestled with. But now, it’s not just me I’m worried about. It’s Jax. I don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want him to have to worry about me.

I’m not sure this entry had a point or was worth reading for anyone… Or if it even had a point. Hopefully for me though it will open up some doors that I previously didn’t want to open. The plan is to spend some more time thinking this through and doing a short series of writings on this topic, which will hopefully give some advice and generate some talk on the subject of healthy lifestyles.