… but it’s done

What should have taken 25 minutes. No tools. 7 total pieces and one person to assemble…

Actually took three days… two different channel locks, two pipe cutters, three extra pieces (I still don’t know where they are supposed to go), duct tape, plumbers tape and my four and a half year old.

But it’s done. Bath time is now organized. I’m sweating profusely, I have gone through a box of bandaids and my son won’t look me in the eye anymore… but it’s done.

Great Bammy #94

94 years ago a woman was born who would grow to be the matriarch of a pretty awesome family. She still talks politics, invest in the stock market, gives parenting advice, and critiques others pasta sauce.

Today four generations of her family celebrated her. We ate, we laughed, we pooped (well Oliver pooped… multiple times). Great Bammy was the center of attention today and that’s saying something in a room with both Jackson and myself, LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAM… enjoy, you deserve it.

Two of America’s Most Wanted

I guess, the Halloween spirit has turned my children I tom harden criminals. I’m now raising two of America’s Most Wanted, apparently they have kidnapped our neighbor’s pumpkin and are demanding ransom.

Watch out Halloween decorations… because just as the poet Tupac Shakur once said… “You done put two of America’s most wanted
In the same stinkin‘ place at the same stinkin‘ time

Monsters vs Best Friends

Setting: Jax’ room; 8:00pm

Jax: “Dad a monster might come in the room and eat you up.”

Me: “There aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “Yes there are, they like to eat daddys and cell phones.”

Me: “I promise there aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “It’s ok dad, Buster is in here. He eats monsters. He jumps off the bed and chases them out and then eats them up. He’s my best friend.”

EpiPen to the Rescue

Apparently I need an alternate universe to raise my son in… no I’m talking about the “Upside Down” from Stranger Things… and not an one that was altered by Doc Brown and Marty McFly after interfering with the Space/Time Continuum… I’m talking about one that doesn’t have nuts. You see, this week we learned that Oliver is allergic to nuts. It finally happened, dad’s injury prone ways and mom’s terrible immune system have cost our kid one of life’s greatest pleasures… almonds!

We lucked out… there is (as of now) not an issue with anything other than almonds, but still… with that comes all the fears of any other nut allergy… Epi-Pens, anaphylactic shock… and the dreaded nut free table at daycare. He was a healthy baby. He ate everything, and neither the wife nor I have severe food allergies. But a few seconds after taking a drink of almond milk (yes, we gave him almond milk… we ran out of whole milk and it’s all we had) he blew up like Veruca Salt in the Wonka Chocolate Factory.

It wasn’t a pretty sight… seeing your kid in a hospital bed having to be given an injection of epinephrine at such a young age is a scary thing. Granted that steroid took effect really fast and he was running laps around the hospital room at Olympic track team speed.

So for now, we’re those parents… we carry an EpiPen with us at all times, infirm wait staff that he has a nut allergy and most importantly always make sure we have REGULAR milk at the house.

Why Tattoos are Life

Tattoos have been around for centuries and getting a tattoo inspired by your children or your favorite book is nothing new… therefor it’s no surprise two of my tattoos are directly connected to my sons and Harry Potter.

As a guy who enjoys tattoos… I wanted to get some ink done to represent my first after he was born. I decide on a meaningful representation of father and son taken from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [short story] “The Tale of the Three Brothers.”

The story’s moral is that you should live life for the right reasons: love and those you love. The youngest brother in the story youngest brother was a humble man asked for a thing that he could use to live a long and happy life. One in which he was allowed to see his child grow. He was given a cloak of invisibility. And thus because of this he attained a great age and passed The Cloak of Invisibility to his son. I was happy to get a tattoo representing a moment that every father dreams of… Passing down something (knowledge, skill, an invisibility cloak) to their child which will ensure he will live long, happy and successful live.

When I decided it was time to get a tattoo honoring my newest little man it was obvious it would be something related to his name, Oliver, and also had to have some connection to Harry Potter. The olive branch has a very symbolic meaning which made it the perfect choice both references. The Olive Branch symbolizes a beginning of a new life. In the Harry Potter story, Oliver Wood is the first Quidditch player we meet. He is the keeper and captain of the Gryffindor team. He’s an athlete, a leader and a loyal friend. He’s also and one of my favorite characters in the story.

My most recent tattoo is just as special to me as the other ones I’ve gotten that were dedicated to my sons. The first time I visited the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Stephanie and I were walking out after a long hot day and as we pass a shelf loaded with stuffed animals and other HP merchandise, Jax starts pointing and laughing uncontrollably. He was pointing at the blue Cornish Pixie hanging on the shelf… so of course we bought it for him. He still has it to this day… so I got his Pixie (that he calls Pickie) on my inner arm.

Here are my other Harry Potter inspired tattoos:

And a quote on my ribs dedicated to my sons: “If anything should happen to me, the love for my sons should never go unsaid.”

Do you have a tattoo inspired by your child(en) or of Harry Potter? Show them in the comments below!