The Anchors are Coming ⚓️

So last night I’m putting Jax to bed. It’s an ordinary bed time. Bath time, watch a little Peanuts (laugh at Charlie Brown) put on our PJs and read a couple of books. We even added in shadow puppets on the ceiling as well. Pretty tame night for an almost three year old. 

We blew out the lights, counted the stars on the ceiling, I tucked him and gave him a kiss goodnight. Again nothing out of the ordinary. “Daddy door open please.” Not an unusual request. And that’s it right?


That wasn’t it… he slowly creeps down the hallway as I’m in the shower and opens the door… the then pulls back the shower curtain and yells… “HELP… THE ANCHORS ARE COMING… THE ANCHORS ARE COMING!!!”

After getting myself up off the bathtub floor and catching my breath… I realize he’s gotten himself back in bed and is asleep.

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