Peace and Quiet ❄️

It’s quiet… Like not a sound but the wind blowing the snow around outside and a few distant snowblowers. Jax? Asleep in his crib (this teething thing is exhausting). Mom? Asleep on the couch (she deserves the sleep). Buster? Asleep on my lap (he’s always sleeping). Max. Sleeping downstairs on the new carpet (he must be tired from running laps on his snow track). It’s Silent. I can hear myself think. I’ve read ten chapters of my book and wasn’t interrupted once.

I haven’t cleaned a runny nose, wiped a butt, cooked a meal, killed a spider, mopped up pee or been yelled at in over an hour. Best part is the dn phone hasn’t rung since I got in from shoveling the driveway! I honestly can’t remember this feeling. Was there ever a time that I just sat on the couch and listened to the outside? It’s crazy to hear nothing. Nothing but peacefulness.

Peace and quiet.

PS: Frozen dog races later. Max has a track best time of 27 seconds.


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